# Welcome <a href="https://philoserf.com/">Home</a> | [GitHub](https://github.com/philoserf) | [[Colophon]] | [[Changelog]] | <a rel="me" href="https://pkm.social/@philoserf">Social</a> You have found the public working notes of Mark Ayers, a human being, being human; intending to sleep, move, eat, grow, & share; while I love, laugh, cry, & eventually, die. I have experience with notes on paper, soon discarded; notebooks destined for dusty boxes; failed attempts at digital note-taking, note-saving, and other ephemeral content; information collection without review or value. I began gathering notes in [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md) in February 2022. It has been over a year and a half now. Wish me luck as I continue trying to make this work as a personally valuable collection of records, references, random thoughts, and purposeful creation, too. Some notes will appear and disappear as I create, evaluate, and curate. Some links will be HTTP 404, file not found, for you as I do not publish every note. I hope some of what I do share might be useful to you. Here is a [short bio](https://philoserf.com/about.html) for more context about me and these notes. If you are starting your Obsidian vault, please see my [recommendation](https://github.com/philoserf/obsidian-starter) before adopting a starter project following some experienced TfT guru's way. Learn from the gurus, but make your note system your own. Oh. And write to me if you find something interesting or curious and worthy of comment. The contact details are there for discovery. --- related: #sleep, #move, #eat, #grow, #share updated: 2023-09-22