# Welcome > [!note] > These are the notes of a human being, being human. --- <a href="https://philoserf.com/">Home</a> | [[Now]] | [[About]] | [[Colophon]] | [[Changelog]] | <a rel="me" href="https://pkm.social/@philoserf">Social</a> ![dramatic stylized headshot](dramatic-stylized-headshot.jpg) --- <div style="text-align: right"><small>2022-10-11</small></div> Here are my public notes. I hope some of them might be useful to you. I expose some private, unpublished notes via links to their titles. Background: I have experienced ink on discarded paper; notebooks destined for soon-to-be dusty boxes; failed attempts at digital note-taking, note-saving, and ephemeral digital content; information collection without review or connection. I began gathering notes in [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md) in February 2022. It has been eight months. Wish me luck as I continue trying to make this work. If you are starting your Obsidian vault and considering a starter project following some experienced TfT guru's way, please see my [recommendation](https://github.com/philoserf/obsidian-starter) first! Oh. And write me if you find something interesting or curious and worthy of comment. The contact details are there for discovery too. ![[sig.jpg]] > [!hint] > sleep, move, eat, grow, & share. > > love, laugh, cry, & die <div style="text-align:right"><small>updated: 2023-06-04</small></div>